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New screenshots of Arkane Studio’s Redfall have leaked online and feature several of the upcoming title’s weapons, environments, and menus.

A flood of images for Arkane Studio’s Xbox and PC exclusive vampire game Redfall have leaked online, a few days before the release of the studio’s new title Deathloop. Circulated on social media, the screenshots appear to be from a playtest of an early build and are indicated to not be the final visual representation of the game. They do, however, feature several of Redfall‘s weapons, environments, and menus, hinting at what type of gameplay players can expect from the upcoming Bethesda title.

Arkane’s next game Redfall was revealed at the Xbox/Bethesda E3 Showcase and set to release in the summer of 2022, exclusively on Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC. Redfall is an open-world action-adventure shooter that features both single-player and co-op multiplayer modes. Players will be able to choose among four playable characters who are tasked with taking on a legion of vampires that have taken over the island town of Redfall. Despite being given a release date only a year away, Bethesda hasn’t revealed any new information on the new vampire shooter, and the only thing stated was that Redfall would focus on deep worldbuilding and inventive game mechanics while bringing Arkane’s «signature gameplay to the co-operative action and FPS genres

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Originally posted on Reddit then widely shared on Twitter by users such as Gersix (as spotted by VGC), images of a playtest of Arkane Austin’s Redfall leaked online and gave fans a better idea of what the upcoming title would bring. The screenshots show the game played from both a first and third-person perspective featuring open-world map missions and looter shooter elements. These include weapon ranks, an item shop, and currency, alongside some menu and stat-based screens that are similar to other games in the genre such as Borderlands. Redfall‘s environmental design, which includes both urban and natural environments, is also shown to be similar to Dishonored and Half-Life 2.

Arkane Studios has grown to become one of the most critically acclaimed development teams in the video game industry. Starting with the popular first-person action stealth game, Dishonored, Arkane has gained a reputation for creating games with unique style, immersive action, and a hand-crafted approach. The studio’s latest game, Deathloop, combines elements of previous titles and includes a murder puzzle that the player needs to figure out how to solve in one perfect run. Unlike the Xbox exclusive Redfall, however, Deathloop is a timed console exclusive for PlayStation 5, due in part to the fact that it was announced before Arkane’s parent company Bethesda got acquired by Microsoft.

Though the leaked images of Redfall aren’t likely to express its finalized version, what’s shown has been very intriguing for Arkane fans. Players who are itching for more from Arkane’s upcoming looter-shooter title will hopefully get more information soon, possibly from more official sources than a leak like this one.

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Redfall launches summer 2022 for Xbox Series X/S and PC, with day-one availability on Xbox Game Pass.

Source: VGC, Reddit, Gersix/Twitter

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